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35 New Faux-Leather Items From Zara That Are So Chic

Anyone who knows me well (or at all really) is probably aware of my almost sick obsession with Zara. I say “sick” because back when

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The 28 Best Winter Buys From Zara, According to UK Editors

If you’re as fascinated by British-girl style as I am, welcome to your temporary happy place. I’m lucky to have access to a very cool group of

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5 Fall Outfit Ideas I’m Getting From Zara This Season

Last year, I wrote about how Net-a-Porter is one of my secret sources of outfit inspiration. It sounds so obvious, and, well, that’s because it

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24 Pretty Boho Dresses Perfect for Fall

There’s something about boho dresses that we’ll always love. Maybe it’s that they’re a whole outfit in one, maybe it’s their effortlessness, or maybe it’s that

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Zara’s New French-Girl Collab Is Going to Sell Out

We’ll admit it: Pretty much any new Zara arrivals get us excited. But when the cult retailer launches a new collaboration with a French style icon, you can

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36 New Knee-High Boots to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Do you know what can freshen up your favorite pair of skinny jeans in an instant? A fantastic new pair of knee-high boots, naturally. Even

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52 Trending Items to Buy From the Sites Fashion Editors Love

The truth is that our fashion editors shop at a range of stores. That said, there is a select group of sites that most of the

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These Are, Hands Down, the Best Zara Items of Fall 2021

A major pro when it comes to shopping at Zara is the endless number of products offered to you at any given time. That same sentiment,

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30 New Fall Zara Shoes that Are Selling Out Quick in 2021

No Zara item goes more viral than a pair of really good shoes. And according to the slew of new arrivals at Zara this past couple of weeks,

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I Tried on 10 New Fall Zara Pieces—See All My Pics

Welcome to The Great Try-On. With fall on the horizon, we seized the opportunity to try on some of the best fall pieces from some