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25 Thong Bikinis That Fulfill Your Hot Girl Summer Potential

In case you’ve yet to hear it repeated all across the internet, we’re in the midst of a Hot Girl Summer, and the term is reaching a fever pitch. We’re

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The 22 Best Cheap Bikinis on Amazon, Hands Down

At the beginning of the summer, I marked the start of the season with a new bikini. I wanted something wallet-friendly that looked expensive. (Not

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6 New Bikini Trends I Can Only Really Describe as Shocking

At this point in the season, we’ve pretty much been sticking to a uniform that involves bikinis, denim shorts, sandals, and little else. Typically, there’s only one objective during

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I Just Found the Summer Pieces I Plan to Wear on Repeat

My summer fashion motto this year, you ask? Easy, breezy, and bright. My neutrals keep getting pushed further and further to the back of my

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4 Trendy Bikini Styles That Are in for 2021

Recently, in an attempt to make more room in our small Venice apartment, my fiancé and I decided it was time to get rid of some (okay,

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13 “Boring” Staples Fashion Girls Are Wearing This Summer

While there are plenty of bold, bright, and compelling trends for the taking this summer (think peppy pink hues, micro-minis, and floss tops), we never want to

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The 7 Pieces That Define Everyday Italian Fashion

As I write this, I am sitting in Capri at a beachside café overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, watching an Italian girl daintily descend the cliffside

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The 38 Best Rhinestone Swimsuits, the Latest Y2K Swim Trend

Deep-scrolling through TikTok or a trend guide cements one fact: Y2K fashion is back. Sure, we may still be slightly traumatized by low-rise denim and

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The 28 Best Shirred Tops That Will Go With Everything

Now that we’re in the swing of summer, you may be looking for a few stylish updates to wear from the beach to brunch to the

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30 Cute Dresses For Your Summer-to-Fall Transition

When it comes to outfit dilemmas, a dress is almost always the solution. There’s no need to worry about finding a matching pant to your