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How to Style a Black Slip Dress in 5 Ways

I’m a big advocate for the capsule wardrobe—an armoire filled with cherry-picked items that, to borrow from Marie Kondo, give me only joy when wearing them.

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New York Packing List: 35 Items to Bring on Your Trip

I have plans to visit NYC for Thanksgiving and I’ve already been thinking about which items to add to my New York packing list. I

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3 Chic Basics That Rake in the Compliments

Our biggest priority when putting together a “perfect outfit” is to create a look that truly leans into our own unique styles. Of course, an ensemble

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4 Items We’re Keeping in Our 30s and 4 We’re Ditching

I try not to subscribe to the idea that you should accomplish x,y, and z before you turn 30—there’s just too much pressure in that.

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10 Modest Fall Outfits We’re Wearing in 2021

As someone who dresses modestly, fall happens to be my favorite season. With all the layering possibilities and cozy fashion picks, there’s a lot to love

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The 12 Best Travel Outfits for Long Flights

Following an almost two-year stint at home, we’re keen to start traveling again, preferably to a dreamy, far-off destination. (Though, a nearby cabin or beach

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16 Chic Pieces to Shop If You Love French Style

Despite the fact that I’ve never actually traveled to France and experienced French style IRL, I have been a huge fan of this aesthetic ever

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How to Organize Your Lingerie

Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a nice collection of lingerie, had multiple bra fittings, and received quotes from some of the biggest experts in the industry

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I’m on a Shopping Rampage—10 Items I’m Recommending RN

I have absolutely no business being on a shopping rampage, but here I am. Every once in a while, I get in these moods where

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5 Fall Outfit Ideas From Shopbop

I’ve been so excited to dress up these days. Well, not dress up dress up. But you know, my sweatpants have gotten a lot less use than