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EmRata and Kaia Gerber Wore the Same $60 Sneakers in NYC

As excited as I am about all the new fall boots on the market, nothing beats simple sneakers for everyday wear—a sentiment Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber seem

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Bella Hadid Wore Fashion’s New Favorite Salomon Sneakers

Up until recently, if you spotted sneakers in any fashion capacity, nine times out of 10, they were a pair from New Balance—either 990v5s or

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The Sneakers That Feel Dated and 4 to Wear Instead

I chat about this pretty frequently these days, but sneakers have become a core staple to my wardrobe over the last year. While I still

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16 Chic Fall Basics to Buy This Season

If living in NYC has taught me anything about how to elevate my personal style, it’s that the key is in the basics. In a

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23 Cool Fall Sneakers That’ll Make Jaws Drop

Just like any other shoe style, sneakers are seasonal, especially since they’re usually even more colorful than your average casual shoes. Sneaker trends are typically represented

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The 25 Best Fall Sneakers of 2021, Hands Down

During fall and winter, I basically stick to two types of footwear: boots and sneakers. I actually don’t wear sneakers all that much when it’s hot

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Kate Bosworth and Her Mom Wore the Same $55 Sneakers

I love it when style (or impeccable skincare) runs in the family. Last week, I wrote about how Cindy Crawford wore one of Kaia Gerber’s

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5 Trendy Sneaker Brands Celebrities Are Wearing in 2021

Celebrity stylists are invaluable resources if you want to peek behind the curtain of Hollywood fashion. While you might see their handiwork all over the red carpet

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Yep, Reese Witherspoon Just Wore TikTok-Viral Sneakers

I know I’m not the only one who’s been endlessly entertained by TikTok. Sometimes informative, other times absurd, the app definitely knows how to keep

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2 Outfits That Always Look Good With Sporty Sneakers

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