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Bella Hadid Wore Fashion’s New Favorite Salomon Sneakers

Up until recently, if you spotted sneakers in any fashion capacity, nine times out of 10, they were a pair from New Balance—either 990v5s or

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The Sneakers That Feel Dated and 4 to Wear Instead

I chat about this pretty frequently these days, but sneakers have become a core staple to my wardrobe over the last year. While I still

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The 25 Best Fall Sneakers of 2021, Hands Down

During fall and winter, I basically stick to two types of footwear: boots and sneakers. I actually don’t wear sneakers all that much when it’s hot

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Jessica Alba Just Wore Controversial Wedge Sneakers

I know sneaker fans had some opinions on Reese Witherspoon’s TikTok-viral shoes this week, and now I have another celebrity spotting that might generate some chatter.