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The 28 Best Winter Buys From Zara, According to UK Editors

If you’re as fascinated by British-girl style as I am, welcome to your temporary happy place. I’m lucky to have access to a very cool group of

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11 Basics So Good Madewell Can Barely Keep Them in Stock

Calling all Madewell stans. If you’re a fan of the brand’s classic, well-made pieces, then you’re probably well aware of which perennial staples are the most popular. There are

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The 22 Best Sweater Coats for Winter

Like most of us this year, my top priority in the fashion department has been comfort. With so much uncertainty in the world recently, my

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5 Classic Fashion Items That Are Wardrobe Investments

Listen, we all make mistakes, but cleaning out your closet a little too much is one I’m all too familiar with. I’ll get on a cleansing

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8 Things to Buy For Fall If You Love Hailey Bieber’s Style

When it comes to trends, what Hailey Bieber wears, goes. She both creates trends and expertly follows them, and every single thing she wears looks cool—even if it’s

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49 Emerging Fashion Brands on Our Radar for Fall 2021

Real talk: I love discovering emerging fashion brands. For my social circle, that passion can be both a blessing (I’m basically their personal shopper) and

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16 Latinx Designers From Around The World to Shop Year Round

How has your identity informed your approach to style? And how does your heritage play a role in your creative process? It has been a

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2021 Fall Fashion Trends to Adopt Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Photo: Courtesy of By Malene Birger; Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo; Courtesy of Dion Lee Friends and colleagues alike can tell you that the first question

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The 16 Best Long-Sleeve T-Shirts for Women, Hands Down

There are some fashion items that are so rudimentary that I can never remember to buy them and when I really need them in the moment

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11 Classic Fall Pieces Every Smart Dresser Owns

As much as we love talking about trends here at Who What Wear, the fact of the matter is that they’re nothing without wardrobe basics. Pretty