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How to Style a Black Slip Dress in 5 Ways

I’m a big advocate for the capsule wardrobe—an armoire filled with cherry-picked items that, to borrow from Marie Kondo, give me only joy when wearing them.

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16 Chic Pieces to Shop If You Love French Style

Despite the fact that I’ve never actually traveled to France and experienced French style IRL, I have been a huge fan of this aesthetic ever

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We Put 7 French Fall Shopping Staples to the Test

I can count more than a few times when French girls influenced my style and after living in Paris years ago, the Parisian approach to

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5 Basics Later, and You’re Practically French

Whether you love or hate the fashion world’s obsession with everything Français, you have to admit that French style is somewhat fascinating. Combine that with the

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The Best French Fall Style for Every Age

What’s better than one chic Parisian? How about an entire family of well-dressed French women? I’ve been following sisters Salomé and Tamara Mory on Instagram for quite

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20 Parisian-Inspired Fall Pieces From & Other Stories

It’s no secret that the highly coveted French style dominates Instagram explore pages and Pinterest boards, and for good reason. This chic and effortless outfit

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5 Fall Fashion Trends That Are French Girl–Approved

Vogue Paris fashion editor Eugénie Trochu is someone I look to for her expertise in what’s happening on the runways and in the fashion world

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5 Anti-Jean Outfits French Girls Are Wearing

Okay, okay, in reality, French girls are certainly not “over” jeans. Seriously—one quick glimpse at some of the chicest Parisians on Instagram, and you’ll quickly realize that

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The Perfect Shopping List for Your Trip to Paris

While travel for me has been pretty non-existent lately, I have a trip to Paris coming up and I’ve reached peak excitement level. Not only am

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5 Accessory Trends That Aren’t a Thing Among Parisians

As someone who really loves accessories, it wasn’t a challenging assignment for me to study the accessory tendencies of French women. Specifically, I was looking