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These 5 Fall Items Make My Outfits Look Expensive

Susie Wright—the stylist, influencer, and former Nordstrom buyer—is always full of stellar style inspiration. In fact, she recently shared with us the fall basics she

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I Scrolled Through Nordstrom and Found These 26 Must-Haves

Now that street style has made its big return this fashion month, we’ve made sure to give you all the details on the style of

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24 Pretty Boho Dresses Perfect for Fall

There’s something about boho dresses that we’ll always love. Maybe it’s that they’re a whole outfit in one, maybe it’s their effortlessness, or maybe it’s that

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10 Fall Basics You Should Buy From Amazon, Nordstrom, or H&M

To paraphrase a popular TikTok trope, if you aren’t buying your fall basics from Amazon, Nordstrom, or H&M, then what are you even doing?! For

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40 New Nordstrom Items I’m Eyeing This Fall and Winter

I have graciously accepted that I will never be a cool or big presence on TikTok, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use the trendy

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16 Cozy Pieces to Wear for Fall Because It’s That Time Again

Usually, real fall weather doesn’t hit Los Angeles until late November. But this year, we got a treat. Yesterday morning, I was hit with a

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A VIP Nordstrom Stylist Names the Best Basics You Can Own

Sandy Koszarek has a breadth of shopping and styling knowledge. After all, she is a VIP stylist at one of the top retailers out there—ahem, Nordstrom.

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52 Trending Items to Buy From the Sites Fashion Editors Love

The truth is that our fashion editors shop at a range of stores. That said, there is a select group of sites that most of the

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31 of the Best Nordstrom Items to Shop for by Occasion

I often scroll through the new-arrivals section of Nordstrom when I’m searching for chic items to recommend in my various stories. Well, as I recently discovered, the Shop

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I’m a Former Nordstrom Buyer—Every Closet Needs These Basics

We get in touch with Susie Wright on the regular for top-notch shopping inspiration. She certainly knows her stuff, as she has a fashion résumé that