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The 18 Best Outfits Editors Wore to New York Fashion Week

I know Paris Fashion Week has just started, but I still can’t stop thinking about the ‘fits our editors all sported while attending New York Fashion

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8 Fall Trends NYC Girls Are Actually Wearing Right Now

Over the last few months, we’ve done a lot of guessing—albeit educated guessing—as to what fashion people all over the world will be wearing this fall.

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The 8 Biggest Fall Accessory Trends of 2021

We’ve done plenty of reporting on 2021 fall trends, but now, it’s time to see what passed the test and has made its way onto the

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The 6 Best Trendy Fall Outfits to Copy From NYC Girls

I just took a trip to NYC, and let me tell you how inspiring it was to see some fresh outfits IRL. Sure, I get

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9 Low-Key Outfits NYC Girls Will Be Wearing Come Fall

While New Yorkers tend to dress well all year-round—lately they’ve been bringing it with their summertime ‘fits—their fall style is where it really gets good, IMHO. As

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The 11 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends in NYC of 2021

Photo: @aishafarida; Courtesy of Melitta Baumeister; Courtesy of Thebe Magugu WHO: Aïsha Farida, Digital Creator Skip: Low-Rise Denim Adopt: Saturated Colors Which fall trend are you

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7 Pieces in My Wardrobe After Living in NYC, Paris, and L.A.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in some of the most incredible cities in the world, at least in my personal opinion—NYC, Paris, and L.A.