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The 14 Perfumes NYC and L.A. Women Wear the Most

We write a lot about the fashion choices of NYC and L.A. women here at Who What Wear, but I have a different topic for you today:

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6 Fall Trends the L.A. and NYC Fashion Sets Agree On

Melissa Meyers and her daughter, Rachel Meyers, used to live in New York City with their family before they all moved to Los Angeles (where they’ve

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5 Internet-Breaking Outfits Jennifer Lopez Just Wore in NYC

Jennifer Lopez knew the eyes of the world would be watching her this weekend, and she dressed accordingly. Let’s face it—the world is always watching J.Lo,

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The 6 Best Trendy Fall Outfits to Copy From NYC Girls

I just took a trip to NYC, and let me tell you how inspiring it was to see some fresh outfits IRL. Sure, I get

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The 11 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends in NYC of 2021

Photo: @aishafarida; Courtesy of Melitta Baumeister; Courtesy of Thebe Magugu WHO: Aïsha Farida, Digital Creator Skip: Low-Rise Denim Adopt: Saturated Colors Which fall trend are you