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How to Remove Lash Extensions at Home

Squeeze a small amount of remover gel onto a disposable mascara brush or Q-tip and apply it to your lashes in a downward motion. Using

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The 16 Best Drugstore Nail Polishes for the Perfect Manicure

As any true fashion enthusiast knows, striking a high-low balance is the best way to look amazing without breaking the bank. There’s something so cool about

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The Best Nail Polishes on Amazon

There’s no denying the fashion and beauty worlds have rebounded from a year and a half of staying at home. We’re all suddenly wearing bright

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35 Buzzy Fall Beauty Launches We Predict Will Sell Out

You might not completely overhaul your beauty routine when fall rolls around, but it is a prime opportunity to make a few tweaks and edits.

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The 15 Best Nail Polish Strips and Stickers in 2021

Let’s just state the obvious: Nail wraps have a reputation for being a real pain in the you-know-what. Although these alternative mani’s may have a bad wrap

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The 15 Best Black Nail Designs That Are Simple and Chic

Black nail polish will forever be a staple in our kits—that’s a cold hard fact. Does the mysterious shade have a bit of a reputation? Yes,

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Affordable Fall Beauty Products From Macy’s

As a fashion editor, I’m always working a season ahead in order to follow trends and It products, and I’m generally always keeping an eye

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13 Brown Nail Colors for the Perfect Manicure

I never thought I’d see the day that brown would make the ultimate comeback. You see, I fall about midway on the millennial age spectrum,

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The 7 Best Drugstore Moisturizers of 2021, Hands Down

In fact, as much as we love a decadent whip of 24-karat, rose-spiked quartz spring-water dew, we’d almost argue that you shouldn’t spend your hard-earned

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8 Halloween Nail Colors to Try in 2021

The season of spooky fashion (aka Halloween) crept up on us lightning fast. Now is the perfect time to start prepping your costume, which we’ve