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The 29 Best Skirt Sets That Are Chic and Comfortable

Even as a professional shopper, I sometimes get fatigued struggling to put together a decent outfit every day. I’ll take any opportunity to make getting dressed easier,

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The 6 Best Wedding Guest Outfits for Every Setting

I guess I’m at that age when all the dominos around me start falling… and getting hitched. I wasn’t quite prepared for the deluge of wedding invitations

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J.Lo Just Schooled Us on How to Style a Bra Top for Fall

I know many of you aren’t ready to give up your summer essentials yet—especially since the weather is still sweltering. But eventually, you will have

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27 Free People Loungewear Sets That Are Too Good to Be True

Speaking from someone who doesn’t have “boho” style, I get that it’s easy to assume that all you’ll find at Free People is loose maxi dresses, tie-dye,