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The 13 Best Lipstick Colors for Autumn

And I’m not alone in my love of seasonal lipsticks. Most of the makeup brands that I swear by offer up a plethora of fall

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The 16 Best Brown Lip Glosses of 2021 for Every Skin Tone

Ah, lip gloss, the product that was likely many of our first coveted stash of beauty products in our youth. For me, lip gloss was

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Jennifer Hudson’s Affordable Secret to Flawless Skin

The stars were out in full force at last night’s highly-anticipated Met Gala. The event, which took place on the second Monday of September instead

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The 17 Best Peach Lipsticks of 2021

As an Atlanta native, I’m partial to a late-summer peach. (It’s one of the only things I can claim to have in common with Justin

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I'm a Red-Lipstick Lover, and I Finally Found a Nude I Love

When it comes to my makeup mainstays, nothing beats red lipstick (although liquid eyeliner is right there next to it). Ever since I can remember, it’s been

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4 Summer Lipstick Colors Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

While summer 2021 might be remembered in the beauty world as the season that colorful eye shadow reigned supreme, it’s the resurgence of lipstick that I’m more

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8 Fall Lip Colors Every Fashion Girl Is Wearing Right Now

Fall is right around the corner, and the fashion set has already zeroed in on the lip colors we’ll all be coveting this season. It’s

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The 10 Best Tom Ford Lipsticks of 2021

Without a doubt, they’re both investment pieces, but now that the Pussycat + Aura equation has become my signature, I can’t seem to go without