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12 Affordable Home-Décor Items to Shop From Walmart

I wish I could say that after living in my apartment for nearly eight months, I’m finally done decorating. You would think that as a

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16 Home Décor Pieces to Shop From Net-A-Porter

It’s been about two months since I moved into my New York City apartment, and the search for home décor simply does not stop. I’ve

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I’m a Fashion Editor and Just Redecorated—See My L.A. Home

After spending more time than ever at home over the last year and a half, I started thinking more and more about décor. My Instagram

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33 Affordable Home Décor Items That Are Just Stunning

Welcome to the August edition of my favorite new home décor items of the month. I’m currently in the mood to spruce up my space for fall, and I’ve found

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30 Amazon Finds That Just Blew My Mind

To be quite honest with you, I was really hoping I wouldn’t make it to “home decor” TikTok simply because I knew I would end

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8 Stylish Home Accessories Every Fashion Person Owns

Home is where we spend the most time in life (even when it’s not a global pandemic), so wanting to make it as aesthetically pleasing as