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Amandla Stenberg on Dear Evan Hansen, Mental Health, Fashion

Although Alana’s vulnerability is simultaneously unexpected and striking, Stenberg’s version of the character is not a foil to Evan Hansen, the titular character and antihero

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30 Items in My Cart From 90s and 2000s Fashion Brands

While doing my average scroll through TikTok (for work purposes, I promise!) I happened to come across a few fashionable users post about their fall

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How I’m Styling 2021’s Key Looks in a Modest Way

“This was a safe zone of mine for a while. I love ’70s music, movies, and fashion. The overall aesthetic is comforting to me. Although my

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21 Gen Zers Share Exactly What They’re Buying for Fall

Nobody embraces new styles faster or more fervently than Gen Z (as documented in After School, my daily newsletter about youth culture). We have them