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5 Easy Paris Outfit Ideas French Girls Are Wearing

This simple caption from Sylvie Mus really jumped out at me: “Autumn in Paris.” It got me thinking about this sort of “autumn in Paris” vibe.

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The 2021 French Girl Wardrobe: 7 Items Women in Paris Love

We’re always enamored with French-girl style. What can we say? This set just perfectly masters that je ne sais quoi approach to dressing. So naturally,

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5 Fall Fashion Trends That Are French Girl–Approved

Vogue Paris fashion editor Eugénie Trochu is someone I look to for her expertise in what’s happening on the runways and in the fashion world

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The 4 French Swimsuit Trends Parisians Love

It’s true there are some very cool brands that came through thanks to Instagram (and I’m the first to wear them), but I believe that

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5 Anti-Jean Outfits French Girls Are Wearing

Okay, okay, in reality, French girls are certainly not “over” jeans. Seriously—one quick glimpse at some of the chicest Parisians on Instagram, and you’ll quickly realize that

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7 Fall Staples L.A. and Parisian Girls Agree On

California style is known for its casual and everyday appeal, while French style is revered for its effortlessly chic vibe. Given that the laid-back approach of the West

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The Best French-Girl Lingerie Tips and What to Buy

When you think of French women, you likely think of their effortless style, their sense of spontaneity, and that certain je ne sais quoi their American