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23 Rising Fashion Influencers in 2021 With Incredible Style

WHO: Naomi Parris, Fashion Blogger What three words would you use to describe your personal style? I would describe my personal style as statement-making, exciting,

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How to Style Lab-Grown Diamonds to Your End of Summer Outfit

Whether I like it or not, summer is coming to an end. And before I bid adieu to my sandals and ice-cold drinks, it’s high

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The 11 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends in NYC of 2021

Photo: @aishafarida; Courtesy of Melitta Baumeister; Courtesy of Thebe Magugu WHO: Aïsha Farida, Digital Creator Skip: Low-Rise Denim Adopt: Saturated Colors Which fall trend are you

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8 Fall Lip Colors Every Fashion Girl Is Wearing Right Now

Fall is right around the corner, and the fashion set has already zeroed in on the lip colors we’ll all be coveting this season. It’s