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16 Casual Fall Pieces You Need in Your Closet

Maybe it’s just me, but every time the season changes, I become a completely different person. I can go from ultra feminine and preppy to

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4 Items We’re Keeping in Our 30s and 4 We’re Ditching

I try not to subscribe to the idea that you should accomplish x,y, and z before you turn 30—there’s just too much pressure in that.

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7 Fall Color Combos That Make You Look Truly Innovative

You probably already know the typical fall colors—brown, camel, maroon, etc.—and how to pair said color families quite easily. While those color combos are still

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7 Photogenic Fall Outfits That Will Get Tons of Compliments

When it comes to putting together a killer outfit, there’s truly no better time of year for getting dressed than fall. Autumn weather is prime

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Fall Checklist: The Best Fall Clothes for Women in 2021

I have something to admit: I spent the better part of my 20s absolutely hoarding clothes (shopping is kinda my job, can you blame me?),

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The 27 Best Lug-Sole Boots of 2021

There’s no denying that the chunky boot trend of 2020 is still going strong for 2021. However, of all the clunkier varieties of boots one

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Shop Lauren Eggertsen’s Closet on Who What Wardrobes

Who What Wear’s editorial director, Lauren Eggertsen, understood the assignment when she moved from her shared New York City apartment into a one-bedroom apartment in Los

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29 Sweaters With Cute Buttons That Are Selling Fast

No detail is too small for a fashion editor. We’ll report on trending shoe soles, fabrics, lingerie, and more, so would you expect us to overlook buttons?

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35 New Faux-Leather Items From Zara That Are So Chic

Anyone who knows me well (or at all really) is probably aware of my almost sick obsession with Zara. I say “sick” because back when

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39 Fall Items That Could Become Core Pieces in Your Closet

I scroll through various new-arrivals sections on a regular basis as I’m sourcing fresh finds to recommend across my stories. As I highlighted before, when I