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16 Fall Must-Haves to Shop From & Other Stories

Despite my weather app’s predictions, I’ve completely immersed myself in the idea of a premature start to the fall season. The clothing racks at my

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We Tested 5 Pairs of Affordable Jeans Just in Time for Fall

All the Ways to Wear is a monthly series where we round up the personal twists the Who What Wear team is putting on one

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5 Ways to Wear the Biggest Denim Trends Like a Celebrity

If you’re ready to mix it up with your denim collection, there’s no place better to find inspiration than Hollywood. While Rihanna, Cynthia Erivo, and Jennifer Lopez

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The 5 Best Jeans Trends to Try and What Styles to Upgrade

Our team has been organizing and cleaning out our closets while spending time at home. In fact, we recently highlighted many of the items we’re

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The 16 Best-Fitting Jeans From Everlane

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by a pair of cute jeans that just didn’t fit properly. (FYI, one of my

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9 Effortless Ways to Wear Fall's Biggest Jeans Trend

Ready to throw it back to the 1970s this fall? When it comes to denim trends this upcoming season, one of the most popular silhouettes we spotted

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16 Chic Jeans to Try From This Sustainable Denim Brand

When it comes to shopping for new denim, I can admit to never truly knowing where to start. There are so many boxes to check,

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The “Sexy” Denim Trend That’s Making Me Rethink Baggy Jeans

I know what you’re probably thinking—but I just got on board with baggy jeans and now you’re telling me to wear something else? Nope, don’t

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These Will Be the 4 Best Jeans Trends of 2021

There are a few pieces that are more or less wardrobe staples for many. And yep, that perfect pair of jeans would undoubtedly be one of

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4 Fall Denim Trends to Try in 2021

As someone who wears jeans on pretty much a daily basis in the fall, winter, and spring, I love covering fall denim trends. Fall is the season in