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19 Fall Nail Art Designs You Can Actually Do Yourself

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with nail polish. From summer neons and winter metallics to springy pastels and moody autumn hues, there’s no shortage

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3 Chic Basics That Rake in the Compliments

Our biggest priority when putting together a “perfect outfit” is to create a look that truly leans into our own unique styles. Of course, an ensemble

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New York Packing List: 35 Items to Bring on Your Trip

I have plans to visit NYC for Thanksgiving and I’ve already been thinking about which items to add to my New York packing list. I

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4 Items We’re Keeping in Our 30s and 4 We’re Ditching

I try not to subscribe to the idea that you should accomplish x,y, and z before you turn 30—there’s just too much pressure in that.

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16 Body Care Products for the Most Common Skincare Concerns

Njoroge also notes that premature aging caused by UV and particulate matter-induced cellular damage is a bit different and can be prevented and reversed so a certain degree. In

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29 Cheap Petite Clothing Items a Fashion Editor Swear By

Given that, in its current state, my closet has done the very least to inspire me to be my best dressed self this season, I’ve

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10 Fall Fashion Essentials, According to Style Experts

You may recognize Janet Gunn and Melissa Meyers as the duo who frequents Who What Wear to lend their style expertise. You might also be familiar with Susan Feldman as

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Mansur Gavriel’s Candy Bag Is Fashion’s New It-Bag

I’ve always been fascinated by the style in New York. Even before I moved to the city myself, I always made a point of stalking what

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I’m on a Shopping Rampage—10 Items I’m Recommending RN

I have absolutely no business being on a shopping rampage, but here I am. Every once in a while, I get in these moods where

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The Boots, Jeans, and Sweaters Our Editors Love for Fall

It’s officially that time of year when all my friends, mom, and sisters ask me about are boots, jeans, and sweaters. Where should I shop?