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Victoria Monét Is Having Her Moment

This shift toward focusing on happiness has permeated Monét’s professional and personal lives. But that monumental change does not come without putting in the effort,

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin Talks After We Fell and What’s Next

As the clock ticks down on our interview, I pivot to the topic of fashion. Fiennes Tiffin may be an actor first, but he’s an

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Melissa Collazo Shines in Peacock’s One of Us Is Lying

Collazo shot the pilot in Vancouver in late 2019 before COVID brought all productions to a screeching halt. It would be almost a year and

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Meet the Breakout Star of The Many Saints of Newark

The start of Bruno’s story is not unlike that of the young actress who portrays her. Michela De Rossi, too, hails from Italy (Rome, to

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Amandla Stenberg on Dear Evan Hansen, Mental Health, Fashion

Although Alana’s vulnerability is simultaneously unexpected and striking, Stenberg’s version of the character is not a foil to Evan Hansen, the titular character and antihero

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Ashley Blaine Featherson on the End of Dear White People

And then, of course, there is the ’90s fashion. We are currently seeing a resurgence of ’90s and early aughts fashion. Do you have any

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The 6 Breakout Stars of TV’s Fall Lineup

WHO: Sophie Thatcher  WHAT: I first came across Sophie Thatcher last year. It was right around the time her Quibi short series When the Street

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Natasha Liu Bordizzo on Her Jaw-Dropping Film The Voyeurs

Last time we spoke, which was in 2019, you said you were in place of reawakening your inner child with your fashion choices. Where are

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Breakout Star Emilia Jones on Her Sundance Hit CODA

CODA premiered at Sundance earlier this year and swept all of the festival’s top prizes. Did you have a hunch going into the week that

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Joel Courtney Bids Adieu to The Kissing Booth

Between the epic Mario Kart scene, the flash mob, and the cliff jumping, The Kissing Booth 3 is the epitome of summer fun.  Yeah, we