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The 8 Best Silk-Underwear Brands to Shop in 2021

Photo: @ali_tate_cutler When it comes to my underwear, I’m one to keep things simple and low-fuss—very much unlike the rest of my wardrobe. Sure, I

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The 24 Best Back-Smoothing Bras, According to Reviews

Lately, I’ve been putting more thought into my bra collection. No one wants a bra with a band that digs and cuts into their sides—uncomfortable is an

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The 24 Best Strapless Push-Up Bras With Honest Reviews

If you’ve ever had to constantly shimmy your bra up, you know that not all strapless push-up bras are created equal. The truth is that a large

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The 17 Best Racerback Bras That Are So Chic—and Give Support

Okay, you already know it’s no longer taboo to wear your lingerie outside of the bedroom. And now that we’ve reached the height of summer—with

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Chrissy Teigen Wore This $28 Bra As a Shirt

Who needs a shirt when you can just wear your bra? That has been the motto of Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez lately, and now you can

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7 Lingerie Items to Wear as Clothes

I don’t know about you, but when I see a photo of one of my favorite fashion people in the most polished outfit and then

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J.Lo Just Schooled Us on How to Style a Bra Top for Fall

I know many of you aren’t ready to give up your summer essentials yet—especially since the weather is still sweltering. But eventually, you will have

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The 7 Best Lingerie Brands, According to Our Editors

Regardless of what you’re buying, I can tell you from experience that it never hurts to get an opinion or two. After all, whether it’s

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I'm a 32DD—Here Are the Swimsuit Styles That Actually Work for Me

Swimsuit shopping, much like shopping for bras, always gets a little difficult for me. I’m a 32DD, and for some reason, it seems like the

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The Best Bras From Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale—the biggest sale event of them all—is in full swing and taking all of our money. While you can find everything from upgraded basics to trendy fall