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5 Fall Outfit Ideas From Shopbop

I’ve been so excited to dress up these days. Well, not dress up dress up. But you know, my sweatpants have gotten a lot less use than

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The 27 Best Lug-Sole Boots of 2021

There’s no denying that the chunky boot trend of 2020 is still going strong for 2021. However, of all the clunkier varieties of boots one

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The 6 Best Shoes to Wear With Jeans, Hands Down

There’s a strong chance that you live in jeans in your off-duty or 9-to-5 life (if you work in a casual office setting, of course). And

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How to Wear TikTok’s Trending Boots for Fall

All the Ways to Wear is a monthly series in which Who What Wear editors, staffers, and friends describe the personal twists they’re giving a

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10 Ankle Boots With Jeans Outfits to Wear in 2021

There’s one winning outfit combo that never fails: ankle boots and jeans. It’s easy to pull off any time of the year and is a

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These Updated Uggs Are About to Become the New Celeb It Shoe

Every time Ugg launches a new design, celebrities are quick to jump on board. Last year, the brand debuted its Ultra Mini boots, and Joan Smalls, Emily

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16 Fall Boot Outfits That Are Easy and Chic

Welcome to #WhoWhatWearing, a series in which we highlight you, our stylish community of readers. Each of the following looks came straight from a photo you

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7 Pairs of Shoes That Were Made to Complete All Your Holiday Outfits

This may be the first year in history that people are actually looking forward to office parties and family get-togethers. We all know we’re going

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22 Chunky Chelsea Boots That Are So Comfortable

There’s nothing better than finding a pair of shoes that not only makes you feel strong, powerful, and ready for anything but is also actually comfortable. Luckily, fall’s coolest

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The 30 Best Square-Toe Boots We’re Wearing This Season

If you look through the annals of boot history, right behind the pointed-toe shoe stands her stepsister, the square-toe. Instead of fighting for the spotlight,