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The 30 Best Square-Toe Boots We’re Wearing This Season

If you look through the annals of boot history, right behind the pointed-toe shoe stands her stepsister, the square-toe. Instead of fighting for the spotlight,

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Gen Z Celebs Are All About These 5 Fall Boot Trends

There’s no doubt that Gen Z is poised to solidify its Hollywood takeover any minute now. For starters, they’ve got 25-year-old Zendaya headlining blockbuster films, 21-year-old Yara

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17 Thigh-High-Boot Outfit Ideas We’re Re-Creating

Real talk: While thigh-high boots may be a fan-favorite among designers, fashion girls, and women everywhere, they aren’t exactly the easiest to wear. Coming up

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The 49 Best Knee-High Boots We’ll Be Wearing All Season

The onset of fall brings a number of exciting things: crisp leaves, cozy drinks, cheerful holidays, and, of course, fall fashion. I’ll be honest—the latter

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5 Outdated Boot Styles That Are Expiring This Year

Boot season is almost here and as a major boot person, that makes this editor particularly excited. As biased as I might be, I stand by the fact that

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3 Outdated Fall Shoe Trends and 3 That Are In for 2021

I know the term “outdated” may seem silly to those of you who stay true to your personal style no matter the trends, but it never

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Kendall Jenner Wore the Boot Trend That’s Due For a Comeback

There are some shoe trends that become very popular, peak, then go away for a decade or more. Others only fade away for a few