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The 13 Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes

If you have sensitive or easily irritated eyes, you know how annoying that can be. Not only do you experience discomfort and itchiness, but your

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The 13 Best Spring/Summer Beauty Trends of 2022

When it comes to beauty and fashion month, pretty much anything goes. And, as self-professed hair and makeup obsessees, we pretty much live for it.

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The 17 Best Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes for Any Occasion

Even if you don’t experiment with eye makeup looks often, I still believe an eye shadow palette is a basic makeup item that just about

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The 17 Best Anti-Aging Products With Instant Results

That’s why I’ve decided to be of service in this department and ask the experts. After all, they would know best. I polled everyone from

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Affordable Fall Beauty Products From Macy’s

As a fashion editor, I’m always working a season ahead in order to follow trends and It products, and I’m generally always keeping an eye

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The 10 Best Hypoallergenic Makeup Brands for Sensitive Skin

Another favorite of Garshick’s, Wander Beauty excels at making multitasking beauty products with clean, natural ingredients. Not everything the brand carries is specifically made for

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9 Easy Witch-Inspired Makeup Ideas to Try for Halloween

In children’s fairytales and antique Halloween decorations, witches are often depicted as old, haggard, and “ugly,” with warts on their noses and missing teeth that are

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13 Brown Nail Colors for the Perfect Manicure

I never thought I’d see the day that brown would make the ultimate comeback. You see, I fall about midway on the millennial age spectrum,

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18 Winter Skincare Products Editors Swear By

Unless you have perfect skin that remains calm, clear, and collected all year round (which, if you do, I’m jealous), then it’s pretty likely your skincare

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Who What Wear Podcast: Remi Bader

I’m curious about which brands you think are really getting it right [with plus sizing]. When you have to shop for something, where are some