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The 41 Stylish Amazon Items You’ll Regret Not Buying

There aren’t many retailers that you could say this about, but if Amazon was the only retailer we had, we’d probably be okay. As you know,

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The Best Nail Polishes on Amazon

There’s no denying the fashion and beauty worlds have rebounded from a year and a half of staying at home. We’re all suddenly wearing bright

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The Best Fashion Dresses on Amazon

There’s so much to address right off the bat with this story: I know I, too, cannot believe we’re already nearing the 2021 holiday season.

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7 Pairs of Shoes That Were Made to Complete All Your Holiday Outfits

This may be the first year in history that people are actually looking forward to office parties and family get-togethers. We all know we’re going

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30 On-Trend Pieces to Shop From Amazon

If you know me, you know about my obsession with Amazon. (Just see the other 30+ articles I’ve written about the mega-retailer.) I’m on the site more

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24 Pretty Boho Dresses Perfect for Fall

There’s something about boho dresses that we’ll always love. Maybe it’s that they’re a whole outfit in one, maybe it’s their effortlessness, or maybe it’s that

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The 21 Best Sweaters on Amazon for Women

When you type “women’s sweaters” into the Amazon search bar, over 30K results populate, which is far too many for one sweater-loving person to navigate.

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What to Buy From Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Event 2021

I know, I know. Just when you almost recovered from (and cozied up to) the fact that it’s almost Halloween, here we are throwing holiday

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10 Fall Basics You Should Buy From Amazon, Nordstrom, or H&M

To paraphrase a popular TikTok trope, if you aren’t buying your fall basics from Amazon, Nordstrom, or H&M, then what are you even doing?! For

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Fall Amazon Haul: 5 Stylish Items Too Good to Ignore

One of the many things that excite me as a fashion editor? Getting to try on clothes I dream about in real life. We love a