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Video of New York police without masks in the subway just the tip of the iceberg

On Tuesday, a man named Andrew Gilbert approached to New York police officers in a Manhattan subway station and asked why they weren’t wearing masks,

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Risen from the ashes: mural painted using ash marks Brazil’s wildfire tragedy

‘Artivist’ Thiago Mundano used ash from Amazon fires to paint a towering monument to Brazil’s firefighters in São Paulo Continue reading… Source link

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Earthquake hits Taiwan, no damage reported

TAIPEI  — Buildings shook in Taipei on Sunday as an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 struck northeastern Taiwan, but there were no reports of damage. It

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‘Balancing the books’ look goods on paper, Rishi Sunak. But it’s not so pretty on the ground | James Bloodworth

‘You never want to be in debt,” my grandmother used to say to me as a child. For her generation, debt equalled subservience to higher-ups.

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‘SNL’ gives President Biden a lift by bringing back his VP days

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in a slump, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dream of brighter days, like the time he was vice

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Picasso paintings displayed at Las Vegas hotel sell for more than $100m | Pablo Picasso

Eleven Picasso paintings and other works that helped turn Las Vegas into an unlikely destination for art have been sold at auction for more than

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Kobe Bryant’s widow reveals grief, harassment following helicopter crash

LOS ANGELES — In the aftermath of her husband’s death, Kobe Bryant’s widow repeatedly received disturbing images via social media of the helicopter crash that

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Colombia’s most-wanted drug lord, Otoniel, captured by armed forces | Colombia

Dairo Antonio Úsuga, known as Otoniel, Colombia’s most sought after drug trafficker and leader of the Clan del Golfo, has been captured at his jungle

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Two dead, five injured after drag racer veers off track in Texas

Two people were killed and at least five were injured after a drag racing vehicle veered off a track and struck spectators Saturday afternoon in

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Two children among six killed by old landmine in Senegal | Senegal

Six young people were killed when their horse-drawn vehicle hit an old landmine unearthed by rain in Senegal’s southern Casamance region, according to the local