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How has your identity informed your approach to style? And how does your heritage play a role in your creative process?

It has been a foundation for all our collections. From the colors, the flavor of Mexico, the roots, the spirit in each corner, all the diversity in magical places like Oaxaca, Careyes—there is so much richness that has been part of our visual inspiration, education, and now our campaigns and pieces. For example, our first-ever collection was inspired by a great Mexican icon, Dolores del Rio. We love our heritage (my siblings and I also share a Chinese last name), so traveling plays a big role in our process.

When it comes to racial identifiers like “Hispanic” and “Latinx,” it’s well known that these terms fail to represent the entire diaspora of nationalities, ethnicities, and languages within the umbrella terms. What do these words mean to you? Do you identify with either? What does your heritage mean to you?

We are all humans with hearts and needs, but I am a proud Latina. The most important thing to remember about identities is that it’s something we don’t get to choose—it’s up to us to decide how we view ourselves and how to make the most out of where we come from. 

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