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Susie Wright—the stylist, influencer, and former Nordstrom buyer—is always full of stellar style inspiration. In fact, she recently shared with us the fall basics she can’t live without. She also posted an IG showcasing the color that makes everything look expensive. This piqued our interest, and we thought we’d ask her for the specific items she thinks makes any ensemble feel particularly high-end. You know—those pieces that are fashion-forward but also relatively affordable?

While the items she wears do vary in terms of price point (and she will invest in pieces such as accessories that have a strong cost per wear), the items she mentioned feel incredibly elevated and could be bought for under $100 based on what’s currently out there in the market. Keep scrolling to check out the pieces in question, including everything from sleek outerwear to gorgeous faux-leather items. You’ll also find a range of under-$100 shopping recommendations throughout.

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