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Where my denim fanatics at? If you’re ready to mix it up with your denim collection, there’s no place better to find inspiration than Hollywood. While Hailey Bieber and Irina Shayk like to keep us on our toes with their more out-there denim looks, Katie Holmes and Kendall Jenner tend to stick with the classics. In other words, there’s something for everyone in this story.

To ensure you’re as up-to-date as possible on the denim trends of the year, we’re walking you through the jeans favored most by celebs right now. We took a deep dive into the street-style galleries from L.A. and NYC and noticed a few common themes among our favorite denim-obsessed stars. In short, they all seem to be loyal to seven denim trends, in particular, more than any others. From polarizing fits like baggy silhouettes and low rises to more wearable styles, continue on to see the best celebrity denim outfits broken down by theme. Peruse our shopping picks for each trend in case you’re so inspired.

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