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In children’s fairytales and antique Halloween decorations, witches are often depicted as old, haggard, and “ugly,” with warts on their noses and missing teeth that are revealed when they let out an evil cackle. But witches have come a long way since then—many of them are even beauty icons. (Hello, haven’t you ever admired the way the Evil Queen in Snow White worked that red lip and purple cut-crease eye shadow?) 

Just like real-life witches, the ones that we see in movies and TV shows wear all sorts of makeup, serving inspiration aplenty for a last-minute Halloween costume if you’re in need of one. Yes, there are plenty who have the typical glamour-goth look, with long black hair, and black or red lipstick. But, there are also many who prefer a more neutral eye and lip. Either way, there’s a witch beauty icon for everyone, whether you lean more towards Glinda the Good Witch, or Wicked Witch of the West (hey, green foundation could be the next TikTok trend, you never know!). 

Ahead, nine pop culture witches with iconic makeup to copy for Halloween (and beyond!), plus all the products you need to recreate their signature looks. Keep scrolling!

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