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Ever since I moved from Florida to New York City, my biggest fear has been experiencing my first real winter. I’m used to endless sunshine, palm trees, and light jackets on the occasional unseasonably cool day. Based on conversations with my colleagues (which often include furrowed brows and talks of unbearable temperatures), I’m in for a real surprise. Luckily, there’s never a shortage of shopping recommendations when it comes to working with editors. Alo Yoga just launched a new sherpa collection that has already eased my fears (temporarily, of course) and made me excited to dress for the colder months. Cropped, varsity, and trench are just some of the outerwear styles designed to suit everyone’s fashion aesthetic this season. Alo Yoga also offers a wide range of tops and bottoms to make styling this cozy sherpa line that much more exciting. If you’re ready to find your new go-to jacket and some chic and trendy base layers, keep scrolling.

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