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Up until recently, if you spotted sneakers in any fashion capacity, nine times out of 10, they were a pair from New Balance—either 990v5s or 550s. But after one too many sightings of a new, fresher-looking sneaker style on street style stars, runway models, and Instagram influencers alike, I’m beginning to think a changing of the guards is upon us. And of course, the charge is led by Bella Hadid.

On Friday, the supermodel was spotted leaving the gym in New York City wearing an oversize Nike polo shirt as a dress, mid-calf athletic socks, and a pair of bright-red Salomon hiking-and-running sneakers. Her pair, called the XT-4 Advanced Sneakers, features a drawstring closure and costs just under $250, with prices ranging from $210 to $242. Given Hadid’s influential status, her exact colorway sold out pretty much immediately. (On GOAT, pairs are selling for up to $400.) Luckily, there are plenty of other shades still on the market. 

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