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I’d like to pivot a little bit toward makeup. You’ve been a global ambassador for Almay for a little over a year. What would you say is the best makeup trick you’ve learned since you started working with the brand?

I don’t know if it’s really a tip or trick per se… It’s more just me having formed a deeper appreciation for clean, hypoallergenic makeup. I’ve been so lucky to work with really amazing makeup artists for the entirety of my career, but one amazing thing about Almay is realizing how much of a difference these products can make in my skin, especially being acne-prone. Almay was actually founded by a dermatologist—he created the whole line for his wife who had breakout-prone skin, which I thought was really, really sweet. I was like, that’s my dream man! 

[Laughs] Seriously!

I need someone who will do that for me! Overall, working with Almay has really changed my approach to beauty and makeup. To me, the fewer ingredients there are in a product, the better. I also love that Almay was the first brand to voluntarily include ingredients on its packaging. They have nothing to hide, so that transparency has always been there. Not to mention all of their makeup is geared toward people with acne-prone skin, but the products are still amazing! They don’t sacrifice color or pigment, and the makeup is still really fun.

Okay, prepare yourself. If you had to choose your three favorite Almay products of all time, what would they be and why?

Oh, let’s see. Well, they have this line of lipsticks called Lip Vibes, and they have them in many, many colors, but there’s a shade called Treat Yourself—it’s a red, but it also has a little bit of pink in it, and it’s kind of become my signature red lip color. Then, they have a mascara in a blue tube called Length & Lift ($7), and it’s SO good. I’m really picky about mascaras and the brushes, and this just has the perfect brush. And then, they have the All Day Intense Gel Eyeliner ($8), which really stays put. They’re great for sensitive eyes, and I mean, normally I’m not a huge eyeliner person, but I do like to use it to rim my upper waterline. They have this really beautiful brown color called Deep Chestnut. So those are my faves right now, but they’re always coming out with new fun things. 

You mentioned earlier how fun Almay’s makeup is, and it seems like you have so much fun with beauty, in general. You’re never afraid to try a new hair color or makeup look, which, for many of us, can be scary or intimidating. Where does that fearlessness come from?

Well, that is really sweet of you to say because I often don’t feel fearless enough, so it’s nice to hear that. I don’t know! I’ve always appreciated makeup and beauty, which I think really comes from my grandmother. She wore this iconic red lipstick, and she would let me play with her makeup, too. I think also growing up as an actress has been a huge part of that. I would basically live in my makeup-and-hair trailer, and I have gotten super close with all of the hair and makeup artists I’ve worked with. I think having fun with beauty and trying new things has become a really beautiful way to express myself. I think that’s ultimately what it is—I get very bored with a lot of things in my life, but with makeup, there are constant ways to try and do new things. It’s almost like trying on a new identity too because, in my day-to-day life, I keep it pretty simple. I’m not spending an hour and a half getting ready. But if I have a character for a movie or a show or if I’m doing an event, it’s almost like I pick who I want to be. Like, what girl do I want to be tonight? It’s just fun! There are no right or wrong answers. 

You’re right—there’s no need to take ourselves so seriously. Hmmm, okay.  What’s one thing about your beauty routine that would surprise people? 

Oh, wow. Oh my god. Maybe I’m not full of surprises. Um, let’s see. Oh! Well, I’ve talked about my brows before, but I literally don’t do anything to them at this point. I don’t see anyone to tweeze them, and I probably only trim them twice a year. I don’t know—some people might not be that surprised by that. But what else is surprising? I don’t know… I guess I’m not a girl of mystery! [Laughs]

No, that’s a good one! I was recently talking to Emilia Clarke—who also has amazing brows—for this same series, and she essentially said the same thing. The secret is really just not doing anything.

Right! But oh! I just thought of another good secret: I do use a lash serum. 


Every night. I kind of swear by that, and it really helps keep my lashes healthy. I’m constantly having to wear fake lashes or mascara when I’m working every day, and this keeps them really strong, and it’s one that I’ve found that doesn’t make your lashes go crazy. It just makes them really, really long. 

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