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Call me fickle, but as someone who is constantly scouring the internet for the next best thing, I tend to get over trends pretty quickly. Is this a horrible habit and trait of mine? It absolutely is, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, I decided to turn my constantly changing sartorial preferences into a story for all of you. Here I have listed out five fall trends I am already a little sick of and shopped out the ones I’m now buying instead. To preface, if you still love all the trends I claimed to be over, that’s more than okay—I am simply listing my personal preferences at the moment. 

Who What Wear Collection recently dropped a slew of new styles that spearheaded my trend shift and I have a feeling after seeing all of my picks, you’ll understand the pivot. From relaxed suiting to the cutest matching knit sets you’ve ever seen (yes, I might be a little biased), get ready for the fall wardrobe update you didn’t know you needed, courtesy of all the new arrivals from Who What Wear Collection. 

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