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The sayings everything comes back around and that everything new is old certainly apply to fashion. We doubt that there’s any designer among us who doesn’t extensively look through archives when working on a new collection, and those trends hit the runway then trickle down to fast fashion. The point is pretty much any “new” trend is at least an iteration of one we’ve seen before. 

This phenomenon is something that most fashion lovers actually appreciate. Dressing like Brigitte Bardot or Bianca Jagger without looking like we’re in costume is something we can get behind. If it feels like there are a lot of comeback trends at the moment, you’re not wrong, and we’re not exactly sure why this is. Every decade from the ’60s to the early 2000s is cool again all at the same time, and it’s leading to quite an eclectic mix of trends. Below, we highlighted seven, in particular, that are fully back and that we were ready for (even if they weren’t “gone” for all that long). Scroll to shop them for your 2021 wardrobe and beyond.

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