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If I had to sum up my style into a few words, “simple” would definitely make it on the list. Yep, the bulk of my closet is comprised of those low-key, elevated basics that can be mixed and matched to create, in my eyes, effortless outfits. Given that simplicity is the name of my fashion game, I typically gravitate towards those easier, versatile picks when I’m shopping or sourcing new trends. For fall specifically, there are six specific looks that have particularly caught my eye as I’ve been doing market research.

Intrigued? Below you’ll uncover the six easy trends that I think are worth noting for the season. As you’ll see, all of the looks coming your way are forward yet still simple in nature because they could be paired with a range of either basics or trendier items. Keep scrolling for a bit of visual inspo and shopping recommendations if you’re ready to get a jump-start on building those fall wardrobes.

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