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Who What Wear Collection

Shopping for new clothes gets me pretty pumped already, but when there’s a sale involved, it’s a whole other level of adrenaline rush. Guaranteed I’ll be the first one looking through every page (or rack), top to bottom. Meticulous browsing is how I acquired the most breathtaking pair of strappy Manolo Blahniks for under $150 and a Staud Moon bag for an obscenely low price. Well, if you’re as dedicated to discounts as me, I have a huge sale to put on your radar: starting today, select pieces from our very own Who What Wear Collection will be marked down.

It’s the first time ever these items are on discount, so it’d be wise to jump on them early before the mass of fellow sale-seekers move in. Within the sale you can find everything from vibrant wardrobe-building staples to cool-girl occasion pieces—all dreamed up with the help of Who What Wear fashion editors. We’ve also personally put each style to the test, so you know they’re good.

To help you navigate through the list of gems, I asked my fellow editors for their personal favorites from the bunch. Below, see which pieces won their affections and how they’ve been styling them on the everyday. Just providing a warning now: don’t be surprised if they sell out.

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